We have to continue

It doesn't make sense to just wonder, what would Ronald and Suzette have done? and ...do nothing ourselves. That's like getting good advice, and not following up on it.

So we created a page about October 7th 2023. Since the atrocities on October 7, there is an online global battlefield, spreading antisemitic content like wildfire. We see fake news, denial, conspiracy theories, hate-mongering, celebration of violence, inciting content and dehumanization of groups of people.

We need to address this. The Magenta page about October 7th 2023 contains a list of more than 100 links to October 7 Witness Reports, to Reports of (by far the largest amount) escalating anti-Semitism and (other) hatred and a section of links to background and future. Ofcourse it is not complete. Far from. The situation is very complex and so is any possible solution.

To lighten things up a bit, there is a Ro & Suz Cartoon and a memory.

Award 2023

Read all about Panayote Dimitras,

Greek Helsinki Monitor, the winner of Ro & SuZ Magenta Award 2023

Award 2022

Read all about Alexander Verkhovsky,

SOVA Center, the winner of Ro & SuZ Magenta Award 2022

Award 2021

Read all about Jean-Hubert Bondo,

Africa Sans Haine, the winner of Ro & SuZ Magenta Award 2021

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Suzette en Ronald
This website...

...is dedicated to Suzette Bronkhorst and Ronald Eissens, and their relentless, uncompromising battle against racism, discrimination, fascism, extremism and cyber hate. We will preserve their legacy and continue to give our best for a better world, a world of peace, hope and respect for all.

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